Scribeworx is both Graphic Design House and Tabletop RPG Publisher. Our services are catered towards entrepreneurs, individuals and established entities alike.

Our Graphic Design solutions are custom made from scratch using state of the art software,  equipment   and  more than  15  years  of seasoned  experience.
The Glyphs RPG Blueprint is a Universal RPG System that uses a single elegant coin to generate random numbers and concepts, while allowing players to be more in control of their characters.

Our RPG brand is conceptualized and designed with the vision of making the Tabletop Gaming experience more immersive, innovative and simplified.
Our 2-D Dice Coins, which combine the most popular RPG Dice and merge them onto the flat, two-dimensional plane of a coin that fits comfortably into your pocket.

Spin, flip or toss the shimmering  2-D Dice coin to seamlessly generate random numbers for most of your favorite Tabletop Role Playing Games.
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